Advanced Driving School

What to expect with an Advanced Driving School?

If you want to take your driving skills to the next level, the first thing you need to do is attend an advanced driving school. These kinds of driving schools are designed to cater to different needs. For instance, a person who wants to get a truck-driving job will benefit from advanced truck driving school, which aims to teach driving basics, handling commercial truck driving safely and responsibly. A person who was caught breaking traffic rules may be required to take performance driving school, instead of having to face prosecution.

A defense driving school teaches drivers about hazard perception, road positioning, driving under different conditions and driving on highways, among others. Simply put, completing a course from any performance driving school will give increase your knowledge and improve your skills in driving. At the end of the course, you will decide to take the written and hands-on test or not. The certification will benefit people who will use it for proving to a judge his or her completion of the required course, or anyone planning to have a truck-driving career.

When you’ve completed the course given by a professional driving school, the optional 90-minute test will be given following a 30 to 40-mile hands-on exam where the examinee will be tested under different road conditions. This will help in determining if the driver can handle hazards and other situations using the driving techniques, precautions and methods they have learned from the lecture, giving the evaluator a basis if the student passes the course or not.

The driving school instructor or examiner will give the student points on how well they can handle all types of situations, instead of looking at just one skill. The most common criteria used by instructors are if the driver handles the vehicle in a safe, smooth, systematic and progressive drive as well as how well the driver executed road positioning, traveling with the right speeds and proper gears applicable for a certain speed and stopping distance safely.

Whether you pass the advanced driving course or not, you become a more responsible driver as long as you follow the lessons you’ve learned. You also reduce the chances of accidents, traffic offenses and liabilities. In addition, since your vehicle experiences less wear and tear as you drive more progressively, your maintenance costs will also lessen. However, passing the exam provides drivers a more significant advantage – they receive a reduced rate from car insurance premiums.

Although passing the advanced training course is not easy, many drivers who have participated in one enjoyed being able to drive more safely and confidently. So if you already have your driver’s license, you’re qualified to take an advanced driving program and take your driving skills to the next level.